Cartoon Network Crossover Crisis Preview Blog #1

By Sara Miguel

Written By: Derek Stucker

Hey, cartoon fans!  It's time to take a trip back to Saturday morning.  Grab a bowl of the sugariest cereal you can find as we share with you a few of our favorite cards from the upcoming Cartoon Network Crossover Crisis Deck Building Game.

Johnny Bravo 

First off, when you play CN CC DBG, you’ll be stepping into the shoes (or in this case, the shades) of one of many different Cartoon Network stars.  As we all know, Johnny Bravo thinks he’s God’s gift to women, when he actually repulses them to no end.  As a result, when you play as Johnny it’s a little more difficult to get the ladies onto your team, but once you do they’re more valuable to you.




Dee Dee 

Dexter’s ever-interfering sister Dee Dee is a playable character available only in the first print run of the game!  While Dexter is stronger the more Equipment cards he has, Dee Dee gets stronger by destroying her Equipment cards. 




Gumball Watterson 

Hailing from Elmore, a city packed with all manner of differently animated characters, Gumball embraces his city’s diversity by becoming more powerful for each different type of card you play!







One of the coolest things about the Crystal Gems is their ability to combine with each other to become a more powerful Gem Fusion.  If you can manage to play more than 1 Crystal Gem character on your turn, you can use their Fusion ability to make them grow even more powerful (note this works not only with Gem Heroes but with Gem Villains as well)!





As one of Samurai Jack’s most fearsome foes, Demongo summons the spirits of fallen warriors to fight for him.  In CN CC DBG, he can instantly obtain a Villain from the Line Up for you, thus making you a highly feared opponent as well.







The Hammer

As we all know, The Hammer’s only weakness is furniture, so if you want to withstand his attack, you’ll have to give up whatever furniture you’re sitting on or else he’ll hit you with a Weakness.






“Toon” in next time as we’ll take a look at some of the Equipment and Super Power cards in the game, as well as a few of the unique Weaknesses!

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Sara Miguel is Cryptozoic Entertainment's Marketing Coordinator since September 2014. She has long been a fan of pop culture and gaming and looks forward to integrating her passion with her job. In her off time, she enjoys going to theme parks, gaming and catching up on the latest TV shows.