Castle: Gift With Purchase Promo

By Mike Rosenberg

Castle: The Detective Card Game releases this Friday, and fans of the show will have plenty to look forward to with this game.

Each player uses their cards to investigate a murder. Build up a hand of investigation cards until you have enough to investigate a suspect. Find the murderer, and you win the game! Play single games, or play out a whole season, where players continue until one player wins three games total!

And if you pick up a copy of  Castle: The Detective Card Game at your local hobby store, you'll also get the Murder Board promo pack while supplies last! This promo pack contains three promos to include with your regular game. Curious what they do? Check them out below!

How Store Owners Get These

Hobby stores who order Castle: The Detective Card Game through an authorized distributor will receive these promo cards directly with their order (while supplies last, so act fast!). Stores will receive one promo pack for each game purchased to reward their loyal customers. 

Are you a store owner who wants to be involved? Simply call your distributor rep and request these promo cards with your order. And...that's it! Be sure to let your customers know that they can get a promo card along with their game if they purchase the game from you!

How Players Get These

When you go in to your local hobby store, be sure to ask about the promo cards when you are picking up your copy of Castle: The Detective Card Game. Your store owner should have these promos since they come with their order from their authorized distributor.

The mystery starts on April 12th. Will you be able to solve the case before anyone else?

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