Collector's Blog - Rich Toys and Trinkets

By Will Brinkman

When I was young, I would ride my bike to my local trading card shop once a week to buy a few packs or maybe a single card to fill out a collection. Early on, I mostly bought Ken Griffey Jr. and Michael Jordan, though later on I would try to collect every single Grant Hill and Tim Duncan rookie card in existence. The card I wanted most, however, was the Shaquille O'Neal Beam Team holofoil insert card. It was about $50, an absurd sum of money to a 10-year-old. I trotted into a local card store early this year and saw that same Beam Team card and it was still $50. Funny. I could buy that card today, but I have my eyes on bigger things and interests elsewhere.

A lot of items seemed completely out of reach then, but are completely real to me now. Like, all those expensive Image comics I couldn't afford as a teenager are well within my budget today. But as it goes, humans are driven to get bigger, better things. We're consumers. And, it seems that the more we make, the more we spend. And if you're growing up a geek, there's always the chance that you'll hit it big with some tech or gaming company. Imagine being able to fulfill all your wants and then some. You'd need to hire someone just to research more cool things for you to buy! Well, if you're interested in some of the biggest toys for the biggest wallets whether to pursue or fantasize about, here's a handful of what you could get as a geek.

Broken T-Virus Vial from Resident Evil – Extinction - $4,499.99

This is just one example of the movie props that get auctioned off here and there by Hollywood studios looking to clear inventory. From its beginnings as a game on the original PlayStation to its multi-million dollar movie franchise, Resident Evil has been popular across generations of gamers and horror fans.

Now you can be the owner of a small piece of the apocalypse. Maybe you can use it as a makeshift sword and knight your friends. “I dub thee ‘Sir Braineater.' Now go forth and make like your namesake!” Maybe you can dress up in a lab coat, walk around in public, drop the virus, and run away screaming. Maybe you'll just put it next to your Resident Evil collection and impress your friends with something that they can't just go and buy at a local shop. It's up to you for the price of a used car!

Alex Ross Art - $5,000 to $25,000

Cryptozoic Entertainment producer Kyle Heuer introduced me to the Kingdom Come one-shot last year at PAX on a trip to Golden Age Collectibles. Immediately, because I'm a down, sullen, and moody person, I was drawn to this page.

Even though this page isn't available on Alex's storefront, many pieces are. A few in the office collect comic books—and amusingly enough, some people collect comic books that others in the office have worked on as creative staff, which makes for easy autograph hunting. Beyond owning a graded copy of a comic, owning the original art for the issue you love is true baller status (or whatever the geek equivalent is of ‘swag'). And for anywhere between mid-four and low-five digits, you can have the one-of-one piece that gave life to your favorite stories.

Game of Thrones Iron Throne - $30,000

You know, just something for your cat to nap on. It's probably pretty sharp since there are so many swords, so maybe you'll want one of those foam cushions people take to the baseball stadium. Remember when everybody posed for pictures on that throne at conventions? Well, you could do that at your place! Or, you could just record yourself saying “you win or you die” over and over again in a video chat room.

I don't know what kind of computer chair it could make, but for $30k plus nearly $2k in shipping, I imagine if you're up for this kind of toy, you'll find some way to use it.

Batmobile Replica - $620,000

“I'm Batman”

I guess you are Batman, now. At least for nearly a million, you will be. But, for someone trying to play Bruce Wayne, a million has to be “walking around money,” right? You can't fill this up at your local gas station, but what would a batcave be without some jet fuel? It's street legal—somehow—so you can cruise down your local burnout highway with ease. You might even bring some justice to the area with your presence! Just don't get suckered into racing for pink slips with this price tag.

And don't worry guys and girls, you can get low monthly payments. It says so in the auction. And it has an iPad 2 in it. That's worth some dough. Someone alert Danny Granger. The batcave needs a batmobile.

Battle Suit – Suidobashi Heavy Industries - $1,300,000

If you're thinking to yourself “I could pretty much lose this million dollars and still be just fine,” I want to be your friend. Additionally, you could be in the market for this mecha piece that couldn't come from anywhere but Japan.

Seriously, just let me fire the gatling guns once. Just once! I'll be your best friend forever and ever. Even if this is more Appleseed than my beloved Gundam, it makes my heart sing that people out there are building humanoid-like battle tanks. Even if they're not completely practical now, they could be someday! And when those nasty space aliens or reptilians or whatever come out and try to subjugate us, we'll be ready and we will pump them full of hot lead or lasers because that's what we do and we make awesome giant robots that make doing it easier and more fun.

On the plus side, if you fall on hard times and lose your fortune, you could use this thing as a small business. You'd be the ultimate rent a cop, patrolling the mean streets of your gated community, guarding against unsightly shaggy lawns and noise complaints. Turn down that youthful music, citizen!

These are just a few things you could buy once you make those millions and need to fulfill all those youthful wishes for toys, for whoever dies with the most toys wins, right? And if your toys should say come with dual gatling guns and let you amass even more toys with the threat of force, you're just winning. Let us know which other holy grails of geekdom you've seen or would buy if you hit it big on the Facebook page or my Twitter.