Cryptkins™ Photo Contest

By Amanda Barker

CryptkinsTM Photo Contest


Have you ever spotted a Cryptkin in the wild? Well, many of you have, so we now have photographic proof that... “They Do Exist!”

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At Cryptozoic, we always focus on creating unique and innovative products that stand out in a crowded marketplace. This year, we decided to lean into the creepy-cute genre with our own original IP, Cryptkins! We paid careful attention during the design process to make sure all the Cryptkins were distinctive characters, having specific personalities and habitats based on their folklore origins. Since these little critters were inspired by local legends from all across the world, they struck a special chord with fans, many of whom felt some regional pride.


Everyone at Cryptozoic has always placed a lot of importance on interacting with our fans and collectors. Giveaways and contests allow us to interact directly with them and find out what they’re really excited about! Along those lines, our Marketing Coordinator Krystyl Chwa came up with a lovely idea for a Cryptkins Photo Contest! Each photo of our Cryptkins figures posted to social media with the hashtags #CryptkinsPhotoContest2018 #Cryptkins #TheyDoExist counted as an entry to win a convention-exclusive figure. The response was amazing! We received hundreds of unique and creative entries. We’re excited to share some of them with you today!

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Not only was it a wonderful and productive contest, spreading the word about Cryptkins to folks far and wide, but we got to see our creations loved and utilized in fantastic and unique ways! Every entry was exciting, because it showed that person had the passion and inspiration to take the time to create a piece of art. As someone who works on product development, it’s amazing to see something that started as an idea become something tangible, but it’s a whole other level to see fans love, appreciate, and create with something your team made. 


The Cryptkins Photo Contest was a success, and continues to be a success, and we will do more of them as we create more characters to add to our Cryptkins family. I can certainly say that every person at Cryptozoic is looking forward to seeing lots of future Cryptkins Photo Contest entries!


Although our Series 1 Cryptkins Photo Contest is now over, fans are still encouraged to send us photos of their collection! We love seeing these guys out in the world! Post your Cryptkins photos to Twitter or Instagram and mention @Cryptkins with the hashtag #TheyDoExist! Fans can also follow @Cryptkins on Twitter and Instagram for new announcements, giveaways and contests!

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Amanda is an Associate Product Manager at Cryptozoic.  She loves comics, art, Star Wars, and westerns!  When she's not drawing or playing DnD, she likes to hang out at a local comic/game shop and get caught up on nerd news.  She also loves any chance she gets to add to her abundant Catwoman collection!