Cryptkins: They Do Exist!

By Krystyl Chwa

Shipments have been arriving by the crate here at Cryptozoic, and the entire office has been abuzz with excitement as we prepare to introduce Cryptkins to the world! Series 1 of Cryptkins will bring thirteen recognizable and menacingly adorable cryptid characters to life, including Chupacabra, Yeti, Bigfoot, Mothman, and Cthulhu! These little red-eyed critters will be available as 2.25-inch blind-box vinyl figures, as well as digital trading cards, stickers, and 3-D collectibles on Quidd!


Photo by @EpicToyChannel on Instagram

But, you may ask, what exactly are Cryptkins and how did we come up with them? It all began with several members of our team, who grew up on legends, folklore, and mythology about mysterious creatures. They were excited about producing figures based on these creatures and we saw a great opportunity to create a fun new brand ... something fun, adventurous, and perhaps a little dangerous! The name Cryptkins was inspired by our company name Cryptozoic and cryptozoology, the search for and study of animals whose existence or survival is still disputed or unsubstantiated.


During the initial concept design for Cryptkins, our design team drew up lots of sketches of the creatures, trying out different versions of their monstrous features. By recreating these stereotypically frightening cryptids as baby versions of themselves, the effect is that Cryptkins seem adorable and cuddly, but still threatening enough that they might mess you up! One of our associate designers Kyle Wlodyga described it as follows: “If you reached out to pet one, you aren’t exactly sure if they’d let you or bite you!”



Concept sketch art by Pedro Astudillo

Early concepts of Cryptkins had initially included pupils, but after much consideration, the design team decided on the solid red eyes, a signature feature of the Cryptkins brand. The red eyes added to the mystery. It made them seem less human and reminds us that although may be cute, they’re still menacing! Think, Littlest Pet Shop meets monsters.


Cryptozoic has launched a presale for Midnight Chupacabra, a limited WonderCon-exclusive variant of one of the CryptkinsTM figures, available here! Anyone who participates in the presale will be able to pick up the figure at WonderCon Anaheim, March 23-25. 

What to learn more about Cryptkins? There’s nothing like first-hand experience! Take them home, or collect them on Quidd, and then share your findings with the rest of us!

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