Cryptozoic Presents: The Living Dead

By Will Brinkman

“Fans! Fans! We want more fans!” – the zombies

Most of the awesome things at San Diego Comic Con require a badge, but anybody can visit the pop-up Cryptozoic Comic Con Store on Market street—and anybody can participate in the San Diego Comic Con Zombie Walk! Hundreds of undead gather in the Gaslamp District and shamble down to the convention center and across the bay shore. It’s like getting caught up in a herd from The Walking Dead, but fun. You know, not terrifying and making you resolve both the finality in life and questioning it at the same time.

To help the masses get geared up for the zombie walk, the Cryptozoic Comic Con Store on Market Street reached out to the organizers and set up a zombification station! No biting, we promise.

Leading up to the SDCC Zombie Walk, our Cryptozoic professional makeup artists set up just a few blocks away from the starting point for the event and eager fans lined up to start the next stage of their life—the afterlife! A little bit of gang green here, some blood there, some flayed flesh here… voila! Zombie! Like a fast-food morgue, each fan can choose their cause of death. Head trauma? Infected bite? A lack of funding for bike lanes in heavy traffic areas?

Then Cryptozoic sent out our new converts onto the streets of San Diego. Stiffen those legs, get that voice nice and hoarse. Go out, young zombies, and seek the brains in death that so eluded you in life!