DC Comics Epic Battles Trading Card Details

By George Nadeau

For our fifth DC Comics trading card set, we celebrate a handful of significant crossover events from the past 30 years. Epic Battles features all-new base card artwork inspired by seven storylines:

  • Crisis on Infinite Earths, 1985
  • Panic in the Sky, 1992
  • Bloodlines, 1993
  • Zero Hour, 1994
  • Blackest Night, 2009
  • Flashpoint, 2011
  • Trinity War, 2013

A moment from each story is depicted in a large composition which we present as a nine-card puzzle. The seven puzzles comprise the 63-card base card set.

Here's a preview of Xermanico's Panic in the Sky artwork:

The base card artwork is new and so is the technology. Typically, we print cards on 20pt C2S stock. With Epic Battles we are introducing our premium CryptomiumTM technology. Printed on a 30pt composite foil stock, the Epic Battles base cards have a luxe look and feel.

Look for rare base card variants in copper, gold and on Metal.

If you're interested in fun inserts and chase sets, Epic Battles is loaded with them.

THARP has depicted nine favorite Super Heroes and Villains for the BAM! chase set. This set is printed on CryptomiumTM, with rare copper, gold and Sticker parallels. Here’s The Flash card:

For the Make Believe chase set, Patrick Ballesteros shares his own special vision of DC characters. In his piece, children play on a jungle gym dressed as favorite DC characters like The Joker and Batman. His oversized piece is presented as a nine-card puzzle.

This set is printed on CryptomiumTM, with rare copper and gold parallels.

Here’s a peek at a small section of Patrick's Make Believe composition:

Once again we are pleased to have comic writer Adam Beechen add his insight—and often humorous perspective—to all of the base and chase cards described above.

But there's more.

DC Comics Bombshells. Featuring art from the popular statue line, this set of seven bi-fold cards features some of the most popular female DC characters.

Unfolded, this is the interior of the Wonder Woman card:

Continuing the series from the DC Comics™ Women of Legend Trading Cards set, look for 3 new Totally FabricatedTM cards featuring The Flash, Harley Quinn and Green Lantern (shown below).

My personal favorite inserts? Sketch cards. Epic Battles contains sketch cards by some of the best artists in the business. Among the 80 artists on the roster are familiar favorites like Benjamin Glendenning, Chris Meeks, Melike Acar and Richard Cox. But this set also includes a number of fantastic artists who are working with us for the first time; Nadya Ortega, Chris Hamer/Urbnpop, Joey Mason and Otis Frampton are among them. These hand-drawn, 1 of 1 sketch cards are inserted one per box. Here are a few samples:

Look for rare two-card puzzles as well as artist jams, too.

In addition, there are about a dozen redemption cards to be found in the packs. One of them can be redeemed for the original pencils Ryan Odagawa drew as he created his artwork for the Trinity War base cards. The others can be redeemed for pencils and inks from the original comic books that inspired this trading card set. These are extra special pieces that we know collectors will appreciate.

That’s it.

Oh, wait. There’s one more thing.

Hot boxes are great, but we're aiming for Epic! In addition to the random assortment of Epic Battles base and chase cards, there will be a handful of boxes that will each contain at least ten sketch cards! Many of these sketch cards will be buyback cards from our previous DC Comics trading card sets. We're calling these "Epic Boxes."

And now we're finished.

The DC Comics Epic Battles Trading Cards set is scheduled for release this summer. Be sure to watch the product page or our Facebook wall for updates and additional previews as the release date nears.