DC Deck-Building Game: Rebirth Launch Kit

By Amanda Barker

Cryptozoic Entertainment's DC Deck-Building Game: Rebirth Launch Kit will be hitting stores starting at the end of July! Fans can reach out to their favorite local retailer to order the Launch Kit from their games distributor now!

DC Deck-Building Game: Rebirth Launch Kit is designed for the popular DC Deck-Building Game series and includes instructions for retail stores to run demos, as well as a potential prize for participants. Launch Kits are available exclusively to retail stores, as Cryptozoic firmly believes they are the backbone of the game industry. We're extremely proud to support Friendly Local Game Stores as they host fun and community-engaging DC Deck-Building Game events.


Retailers can order DC Deck-Building Game: Rebirth Launch Kit through their regular games distributor for $20. It includes a Training Scenario Card, "Learning the Ropes," that can be used to run demos. Also part of the kit is a playmat that makes setup easy and can even be used as a prize!


Product Details:

  • 1 DC DBG Rebirth Playmat
  • 1 Training Scenario Card
  • 1 DC DBG Poster
  • 1 Kit Info Card
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Amanda is an Associate Product Manager at Cryptozoic.  She loves comics, art, Star Wars, and westerns!  When she's not drawing or playing DnD, she likes to hang out at a local comic/game shop and get caught up on nerd news.  She also loves any chance she gets to add to her abundant Catwoman collection!