Fall TV Recaps

By Michael Sacco

It's a really good time to be watching genre TV right now! I'm not sure if it's a golden age, but it's probably pretty close, with lots of great genre shows, some new and some long-running, ready for your attention. With holiday hiatuses fast approaching, it's a good time to recap what's been going on in all our favorites. Warning: big spoilers ahead! Don't scroll below Bob if you don't want want to know what's going on with those shows you need to catch up on!

Okay! With that out of the way... let's start things off with a look at what's been going on with Fringe!


The last season of Fringe showed us a glimpse of the future, where the Observers have enslaved humanity and the Fringe Division is either frozen in amber or coerced into working with the Observers. This season, we see the war against the "Baldies" really heat up, with Walter, Peter, and Astrid working with the human resistance. After freeing Olivia from her amber imprisonment with the help of Etta, the team has worked to reassemble Walter's plan to stop the Observers by collecting and following the instructions contained in his old Betamax tapes. After a plan to attack the Observers went awry and head Observer honcho Windmark killed Etta, Peter removed the super-tech implant from a captured Observer and implanted it in his own head, giving him highly advanced cognitive (and precognitive) abilities. He managed to hide it from Olivia for a brief time, but his behavior soon changed to be more and more Observer-like, forcing a confession. Walter, too, suffered from the effects of the missing pieces of his brain being re-implanted, becoming more and more like the man he was: a megalomaniac who craved progress at all costs. With both Bishops slipping away from the people they love, is there any hope to defeat the Observers?


Last season's barn-burning finale left a lot of burning questions, too, and this season works to answer them. The Grimes Gang, with a pregnant Lori in tow, happened upon a prison where they could take refuge, not knowing that there were survivors inside, too. After a series of Walker attacks, Hershel lost a leg to a Walker bite, and several prisoners ended up dead, souring their relations with Rick. Meanwhile, consummate badass and walker-slayer extraordinaire Michonne and previous Grimes Gang member Andrea came upon Woodbury, a heavily-fortified town run by the charming but ruthless Governor -- who counts Merle among his subjects. Lori died in childbirth, and T-Dog died defending Carol from a Walker attack, leaving Rick to mourn and Merle to believe that Carol is also dead. When Andrea and Michonne had a falling-out over leaving Woodbury, Andrea began having an affair with the Governor, who later sent out a squad to kill Michonne. Glenn and Maggie, out on a supply run for the newborn, are captured by Merle, who intends to interrogate them in Woodbury to find out the whereabouts of the rest of the survivors.


Alphas recently wrapped up its second season, which dealt with the fallout of Dr. Rosen's public admission that Alphas were real and living among us. Stanton Parish, the 150-year-old Alpha who runs the Red Flag terrorist organization, attempted a terrorist attack on New York City but was thwarted by Rosen's newly reformed team, but Parish wasn't the type to give up easily. After a series of back-and-forths with Rosen's team, he successfully bombed NYC with a device that would kill most normal humans, amplify the powers of the Alphas caught in the blast, and who knows what else. A serious cliffhanger indeed!


I picked up this show on a whim and ended up liking the spooky goings-on at the Drake, an upscale NYC apartment building with a downright demonic past. Jane and her boyfriend Henry moved into the apartment due to the machinations of the Drake's owner, Gavin Doran, who plotted for Henry to be his civic slave. After digging around into old records, Jane discovered that there was a lot more to the Drake than meets the eye, going back decades -- disappearances, murders, supernatural events, and more. Unfortunately, with the show having just been canceled this week, it's unlikely we'll see a truly epic conclusion, but at least it gets to finish out its 13-episode run before it disappears.


Last season ended with Dean and Castiel in a real pickle, if Purgatory can really be described that way, after killing head Leviathan Dick Roman. This season started with Dean scraping his way out of Purgatory and bringing a mysterious "passenger" along with him: a vampire named Benny who came to his aid. After meeting back up with Sam, who had given up hunting altogether and tried to live a normal life with his new girlfriend, Dean informs him that Castiel didn't make it back from Purgatory, and the two rush to the aid of prophet Kevin to keep Crowley from obtaining a tablet containing God's own words on how to wipe all demons from the face of the Earth and close the portals to Hell forever. And Castiel didn't die after all -- he got sent back (again; he does that a lot), but didn't know how or why. Crowley succeeded in obtaining Kevin and the tablet, but all hope might not be lost with a fully-powered Castiel in tow.

And that's just a handful of the shows we're all watching! Whew.