Favorite Cryptozoic Licensed Property

By Sara Miguel

Cryptozoic has been fortunate enough in the last 5 years to work with some amazing properties in our games and trading card lines. We love all of our properties that we work with, but this list has some of our favorite licenses that we've gotten to work with over the years.

10. The Big Bang Theory

It all started with a big bang! Leonard, Raj, Sheldon, Penny and crew feel like they would fit in with our group quite well. We love getting to channel their personalities and putting them into great products.

9. Sons of Anarchy

The Sons of Anarchy allowed us to take a walk on the wild side. The great roster of guest characters and side stories kept the show fresh and gave us lots of material to work with.

8. Lord of the Rings/The Hobbit

Middle Earth is a favorite for many around the office. With two great story lines to choose from, it's easy to create games and trading cards for these properties. It always feels like we are going on an adventure when working with these licenses.

7. Penny Arcade

We like working with fun, creative people. The folks over at Penny Arcade are just that! We partnered with them to create great games for gamers that spanned card and iOS games.

6. Portal

We're still anxiously awaiting our cake for being such good test subjects. Portal has such an immersive environment which gives us a lot of material to work with. Even if GLaDOS gets upset, we still have our companion cube to keep us company.

5. Ghostbusters

We all know who to call when we experience the paranormal. Ghostbusters is a property many of us grew up with loving. Ghostbusters has a rich history told through movies, cartoons, and comics. We're honored to carry on that story!

4. Supernatural

Surround yourself with a circle of salt and make sure you have holy water on you! Supernatural has so much lore behind it, it makes creating product for it fun and easy. With episodes ranging from classic horror stories to stories catering to the fans, we can all find something to love Supernatural.

3. Adventure Time

We are like to travel to the Land of Ooo from time as we daydream in the office. Adventure Time allows to bring out our inner child and lay down some sweet hands in a game of Card Wars, or collect some wicked cool trading cards.

2. The Walking Dead

Who doesn't love zombies, I mean, Walkers? We've been lucky enough to create great trading cards and immersive games with this property.

1. DC Comics

DC Comics is probably one of our favorite licenses to work with for numerous reasons. DC Comics has a rich and versatile history of characters to choose from as well as many different incarnations of story lines to choose from. Live action, animation, comic book, you name it and it exists. 

sara.miguel's picture Sara Miguel

Sara Miguel is Cryptozoic Entertainment's Marketing Coordinator since September 2014. She has long been a fan of pop culture and gaming and looks forward to integrating her passion with her job. In her off time, she enjoys going to theme parks, gaming and catching up on the latest TV shows.