Fionna vs. Cake Card Wars Preview Blog

By Sara Miguel

In a twist that only the Ice King himself could have penned, Fionna and Cake are getting their very own Card Wars game!  Luckily for us, it’s 100% compatible with all the existing Adventure Time Card Wars Collectors Packs (for those who like to mix and match to craft their own decks) as well as designed to provide a fun and full standalone card game experience right out of the box!

Making up the 6th Adventure Time Card Wars Collector’s Pack, Fionna and Cake’s decks are unique and bring about some intriguing new strategies.

Cake’s Cornfields deck is built around building buildings.  In fact, Cake’s deck not only contains the most buildings of any Card Wars deck to date, but features Creatures that benefit from having buildings around as well as spells that help put them into play more often!




Fionna’s Blue Plains deck reflects her less-cuthroat approach to playing Card Wars, in that she simply prefers to play the cards that are the cutest or feature swords.  Gobs of those can be found in her deck, plus there’re several cards that particularly benefit Rainbow cards and others that are able to become them to gain said benefits!




How will you choose to play the new Adventure Time Card Wars Collector’s Pack #6: Fionna vs. Cake?  Let us know!

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