Four New Trading Card Sets Announced!

By Mike Rosenberg

We here at Cryptozoic Entertainment have had the pleasure of working with some fantastic licenses in the last few years, and we've been very happy to bring fans great products such asthe The Walking Dead™ Trading Cards and The Big Bang Theory Trading Cards.

And it's our excitement for the licenses that we work with that makes us even more ecstatic to finally reveal a few new trading card sets that you can look forward to in 2013 and 2014. We've had a hard time keeping a few of these quiet, but the news is now public, and it's time to let you in on what we've got in the works for the next two years!

Journey into the depths of Charming, California's motorcycle gangs with the Sons of Anarchy Trading Cards. Based on the adventures and events around the Sons of Anarchy, an outlaw motorcycle gang and member Jackson "Jax" Teller, the trading cards will celebrate the show's unique cast of characters and the events that involve the gang in the show.

Follow the grim and dark turn in Walter White's life with the Breaking Bad Trading Cards. Chemistry teacher Walter White turns to a life of crime after being diagnosed with cancer with the goal of securing his family's financial future. Cryptozoic's Breaking Bad Trading Cards will pay tribute to the Emmy award-winning television show and its fantastic cast of characters.

Pacific Rim, Guillermo del Toro's upcoming sci-fi summer blockbuster featuring the classic battle between monsters and humans piloting giant robots, is going to be collectible! Cryptozoic's Pacific Rim Trading Cards will feature all of the thrilling action and detail of the upcoming movie.

The classic science fiction novel by Orson Scott Card, Ender's Game, is coming to movie theaters later this year, and we are very excited to announce trading cards based on the upcoming movie. We look forward to bringing fans the best moments from the movie and its characters.

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Rosenfloggen's picture Mike Rosenberg

Mike Rosenberg has been a long-time trading card game fan and an active freelancer in the hobby game industry since 2004. He wrote, editted, and managed web content for Cryptozoic Entertainment from March 2012 until October 2013.