Gen Con: The Annihilageddon

By Michael Sacco

In the lore of Epic Spell Wars of the Battle Wizards, the titular spell-casters are fighting in a magical tournament called Annihilageddon, so it was a no-brainer that we call the Epic Spell Wars tournament at Darkmoon Faire Indianapolis the very same name.

Over the course of the weekend, we ran three separate Epic Spell Wars tournaments, with the best players from each receiving an invitation to Annihilageddon. Seven players entered the tournament, so we separated the battle wizards into pods of 3 and 4. Whoever ended up with two Last Wizard Standing tokens from each pod would win their ticket into the playoffs, where they'd battle each the death! Not really, though. The winner would get eternal glory and a really sweet wizard trophy, among other things.

I sat with Ray, Kody, and Eric's pod while they melted each others' faces off.


Ray's Bleemax Brainiac's source card added two cards from the main deck to his spell, and both with matching glyphs, so with three power dice, he was able to deal 17 damage to Kody in one turn, killing him. Eric managed to hold on through a round with only two health remaining, but got blown out by Ray's Muzzlesnap's Snakedance, powered up by three different Treasures.

Interesting rules questions came up, too. “If my number of spell cards gets reduced by someone else's spell, does my turn order change too?” (The answer is yes, by the way.)

With Ray and Kody each having a Last Wizard Standing token, the competition was fierce. Going into the final round, Eric had only 2 health and Kody had 3. It came down to whoever could gain the most initiative.

Kody moved on to the finals by winning a roll-off – both players needed just one card to win, and both ended up drawing the same one!

Ryan from the first pod also bested his wizardly competitors to make it to the finals, making the ultimate battle between Ryan (as KRAZZTAR, THE BLOOD-O-MANCER) and Kody (as ZANZABART, THE SLAG GENIE).

Ryan cleaned up the first round, but Kody threatened to take the second round with his hoard of treasures. Sure enough, Lady Luck's Garters helped him turn a 2-card spell into a 3-card spell...but his addition of Wyrmtor's source only added a single additional point of damage. Ryan's Beard-O-Blasty's Devilicious Cone of Acid finished Kody off, making Ryan the very first Annihilageddon winner!

Congratulations to Ryan, the winner of Gen Con's Annihilageddon!

When asked what the title for the Battle Wizard who won the Annihilageddon would be titled, Cryptozoic President and Chief Creative Officer Cory Jones mulled it over for a moment. Upon deliberation, he decided on “Grand Supreme Annihilagator”. So, congratulations to Ryan, the Annihilagator!