Hawken: Real-Time Card Game Launch Date Announced

By Sara Erickson

Soon you will be able to pilot your own Mech in a one-on-one battle in an exciting new card age based on the free-to-play Mech FPS, HAWKEN.

We are excited to announce Hawken: Real-Time Card Game will release to retail, Hobby Stores and e-tailers on February 19, 2014.  In Hawken: Real-Time Card Game players will simultaneously draw weapons, thrusters and ability cards. There is no waiting for your turn. Cards can be drawn and played as fast as possible, but players must be careful not to overheat their Mech.

To be the best pilot, players will have to use a lethal combination of strategy and speed. Choose from two different decks sets that can be mixed to create all new customized Mechs. Make sure you get your copy launch week by pre-ordering now in the Cryptozoic e-Store.

Pre-Order: Hawken: Real-Time Card Game (Scout vs. Grenadier) 
Pre-Order: Hawken: Real-Time Card Game (Sharpshooter vs. Bruiser) 

Toshirauma's picture Sara Erickson

Sara Erickson is Cryptozoic Enertainment's National Hobby Channel Manager and has worked with Cryptozoic since March 2012. She has been in the industry for over 7 years and currently owns Rook's Comics and Games in Montana. When she's off the clock, Sara spends her free time playing new games and chatting with customers at her store.