Lauren Cohan and Steven Yeun of AMC's The Walking Dead Visit the Cryptozoic Comic Con Store

By Will Brinkman


Yesterday, the Cryptozoic Comic Con store hosted The Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman. You can read the quick blog about him here on the Cryptozoic blog or view the interview on our YouTube channel.

Lauren Cohan, who plays Maggie, stopped by before noon to greet all the early risers on Saturday morning of Comic Con. Steven Yeun, who plays Glenn, hung out with all the afternoon fans.

Lauren was very appreciative of the fans showing up and the chance to directly interact one-on-one with the fanbase. “It’s been great here at Cryptozoic to have a bit more time to talk to people. It’s really nice to see how much the show means to people,” said Cohan.

Lauren also had a chance to see The Walking Dead licensed games and trading cards from Cryptozoic Entertainment. She saw all the character cards from the board game and mentioned Maggie’s special ability in the game would be helping people or using her knife.

Steven Yeun came in as Lauren was heading out. Fans chatted to him about the show, our own Christina Sims had a chance to interview him and get his reaction to issue 100 of The Walking Dead comic book, and he also had a chance to see the board game. He was a bit more of a power gamer with his assessment. “I think if you pull the Glenn card, you should automatically win,” joked Yeun.

You can find cards of both in the upcoming The Walking Dead Season 2 Trading Cards and see all the pictures from the event on the Cryptozoic Facebook page