Legion of Super-Heroes Preview!

By Sara Miguel

Legion of Super-Heroes Crossover Pack 3 Final Preview
The Super-Villains!

By Matt Hyra

September 30 is the release date of the latest DC Comics Deck-building Game Crossover Pack, so let’s take a look at the other big new change in store for everyone. If you did not read up on the new keyword Time Travel, read that preview on Cryptozoic’s Instagram account now. Here is the link.

The other noticeable difference in this pack is that the Legion Super-Villains don’t have First Appearance Attacks! Instead, each Super-Villain (except for the first one) has the keyword Time Travel… and a “regular” Attack. So when you beat a Super-Villain, the next one that flips up does not automatically Attack everyone. Instead, during each player’s turn, they have the opportunity to Time Travel the current Super-Villain on the stack to Attack each of their foes. All they have to do is discard a card. This can result in lots of Attacks as the turns go by, instead of just one big one when the Super-Villain first appears. You may Time Travel multiple cards during your turn, but you can only Time Travel each of them once per turn.

The thematic behind this nasty move is that your Super Hero is off time traveling, so what better time for the Super-Villain to strike than when the whole team isn’t around? Obviously, Defense cards are highly sought after when playing Legion. But it’s also possible that a Super-Villain won’t make any Attacks. If you Time Travel a Super-Villain, it is removed from the stack until the end of your turn, so you can’t defeat it that turn. A player might defeat a Super-Villain that just appeared instead of using its Time Travel ability. In that case, it won’t have attacked anyone.

The Super-Villain who starts on top of the stack (Saturn Queen) doesn’t have Time Travel, and you can thank the playtesters for that. Instead, she lets you play Time Travel cards without paying the discard costs. If there aren’t any Time Travel cards in the Line-Up, don’t worry. There’s always one on the Super-Villain stack… 



In early playtesting, Time Trapper was the first Super-Villain. He had Time Travel and text reading: “Attack: Each foe puts a Starter from their discard pile on top of their deck.” This caused the early game to feel like a literal time trap, as you were constantly playing Starter cards way more than you would have liked. In larger games, you sometimes didn’t see your newly bought cards for several turns.

The second Super-Villain is Mano (the Super-Villains are fought in order from cost 8 to 15). He’s a member of the Fatal Five and has the ability to disintegrate things with his right hand via an “anti-matter touch.” We thought it would be a little rough to destroy a bunch of your hard earned cards. But as the 2nd Super-Villain, this guy can punish a player who jumps out to an early lead.



Note the text attached to his Attack. That appears on most of the Super-Villains in the set. When you Time Travel Mano, you are not eligible to get the +3 Power. But if you own the card (if it came from your deck), you'll get the Power if one or more of your foes avoid the Attack or can't discard a card with cost 6 or greater.

When you play a Legion Super-Villain from your hand during your turn, the Attack happens just like any other Attack on any other card. Then, if you aren’t playing the card via X-Ray Vision or something, you might also get +3 Power. The Time Travel keyword on the Super-Villain doesn’t do anything now, except count as a Time Travel card you played that turn. Playing a card with the keyword Time Travel and using a card’s Time Travel ability both count as “playing a card with Time Travel.” Some cards look for this.

These Super-Villain Attacks are not as devastating as some you have seen in the past, but then again, you might get hit by the same guy three or five or nine times before it gets defeated. Just keep in mind that if you Time Travel a Legion Super-Villain to Attack your foes, so can the next player…

Good luck!

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