A Letter From Keith Baker and Lee Moyer

By Will Brinkman

This is a repost from the updates you can find at http://keith-baker.com/ and http://leemoyer.wordpress.com/

Doom Backers -

This has been a very long road for all of us. We appreciate your patience and your support for the game. And at long last, we have some good news.

First of all, the Print & Play files have been completed, and backers have received instructions about downloading these files. With that said, there's a lot to print in the print and play. Not counting the rules, it's around 50 pages of color copies - and 30+ of those are double sided. We are glad to get it in your hands, but it's not an ideal solution by any means. Luckily, if this is good news, we have even better news.

Ever since the Forking Path cancelled the Kickstarter, we creators have been trying to find other ways to resolve the situation. A number of companies reached out to us and offered to print Doom, but neither one of us felt good about selling the game unless you were taken care of first. Fortunately, Scott Gaeta of Cryptozoic Entertainment felt the same way. We've entered into an agreement with Cryptozoic that will finally bring Doom to life... and more important, it will get you the game that you ordered. Cryptozoic will be providing you with a copy of Doom free of charge - and retailers, you'll get as many copies as you were due from your reward tier. While they can't provide all of the rewards offered by The Forking Path, Cryptozoic is evaluating the tiers and considering possibilities. You'll receive an email from Cryptozoic in a few days with more details.

Let me be perfectly clear: This has nothing to do with The Forking Path or Kickstarter. The project was cancelled, and you are still due your promised refund from The Forking Path. Cryptozoic isn't assuming responsibility for the Kickstarter project or the actions of The Forking Path: They are simply doing what they can to make things right for gamers who have suffered because of it. As I said, they can't cover all rewards Erik promised, because they are doing ALL of this at their own expense, just to make a bad situation a little better. But they are going to get you the game you thought you were getting, at no further cost to you. If you're not familiar with Cryptozoic Entertainment, they are the makers of the World of Warcraft Trading Card Game, Epic Spell Wars of the Battle Wizards: Duel at Mount Skullsfyre, Penny Arcade The Game, and many more - we have no doubt that THIS time, Doom has finally found a good home. For more information, visit www.cryptozoic.com, www.keith-baker.com, or www.leemoyer.com

So you can download the PnP now, but the real game is finally in the works and will be coming your way soon. As I said, expect an email from Cryptozoic in the future with additional details.

Once again, we would like to thank you for putting your trust in our game from the start, and for your faith in us. We are furious that your trust was abused by The Forking Path, and grateful that Cryptozoic Entertainment is finally going to get you the game you deserve.

Keith Baker and Lee Moyer