Live from Gen Con!

By Michael Sacco

At Gen Con 2011, Cryptozoic had two games available for sale – the World of Warcraft Trading Card Game and Food Fight, our first original game. A lot has changed since then! We've been quite busy developing our stable of games, and at Gen Con 2012, we're overjoyed to have a much larger variety of games ready to play and take home.

David S. played Hot Rod Creeps, our brand-new racing board game available for the first time this weekend, as Team Rockabilly, facing off against the Battle Wizards and Aliens teams. “I love this game – I can see my son loving this, since he loves Food Fight and can play as the Food Fight team. I grew up watching Wacky Racers so this stuff is right up my alley.” David outfitted his car with a new engine, wheels, and more to make a daring jump through the Flaming Ring of Fire to victory.

Game designer Drew Walker has been demoing our upcoming DC Comics Deck-building Game all weekend long, and it's been “super” popular! Comic book and gaming fans alike have been trying out the fast, fun card game that lets you play as your favorite DC Comics heroes. Gen Con visitor Kevin R. picked up Wonder Woman as his hero card and spent the game taking out villain after villain to activate her card-drawing power. Sarah W. as Green Lantern used her willpower to ramp up towards the end of the game. “Do you know how mad I am that I can't buy this game today?”, lamented Craig F. “My friend dragged me over here earlier, saying 'dude, you gotta try this.' Now I know it's awesome and I gotta wait until it comes out to play more!”

Our new post-apocalyptic deck-building game with a dash of RPG, 3012, saw demo play by game designers Dan Clark and Matt Hyra this weekend. Players chose an animal clan and fought for dominance in a bizarre alternate Earth a thousand years after the apocalypse.

Game designer Ben Stoll, the brains behind The Big Bang Theory Party Game, demoed his baby for Gen Con visitors this weekend. The game involves matching cards in your hand with phrases and words from the brainy CBS comedy to random topics like “Hilarious Battle”. Ben's table laughed out loud at the player's combos for “Putting These Together is Evil,” like “Online Dating” and “Premature 'I Love You'”. “Today I learned what a capybara is!”, said Emily F, laughing.

Besides the above, demos were (and continue to be!) available for our other games, including Locke & Key, Epic Spell Wars of the Battle Wizards: Duel at Mt. Skullzfyre (which has its own Annihilageddon tournament on Sunday), The Walking Dead Board Game, the World of Warcraft Trading Card Game, and Penny Arcade The Game and its expansion. If you're at Gen Con, just stop by the Cryptozoic booth (#931) and get yourself a demo! If you're not, nearly all of our demoed games are available now in stores and on, and the rest will be available soon.

2012 is a big year for Cryptozoic games and fans, and we're not done yet!