At the Office - Game Night!

By Christina Sims

I love Wednesdays. When Wednesday rolls around, it’s no longer a “hump day” or “that dreaded middle-of-the-week” day. Wednesdays give us something to look forward to: Game night at Cryptozoic!

You may think every night is game night at Cryptozoic, but it’s not quite like that. Game night is a special night full of food, friends, and more games than you can shake a stick at.

Rumi really, really likes pizza…

Game night is our chance to get together and eat ourselves into a food coma, talk about what board games we want to throw down in the illustrious Unicorn Meadow…

It’s where the magic happens.

…and then we game until we’re too tired to game anymore. Repeat next Wednesday!

Game Night is also our chance to play test the games we are working on with those not currently working full time in R&D. There’s a lot of secret stuff that goes on at game night, so the things we are currently working on or are in development are very hush-hush outside the CZE walls.

Super, secret stuff! Hey! NO PEEKING!

When we test our games in development at game night, we can see what works and what may not be up to our high standards of fun. The members of R&D get our feedback and take suggestions, or just sit down and talk about the creative ideas behind a game’s development with those that are interested.

Game night isn’t just about play testing though! We play all sorts of games here at Cryptozoic, and the number one goal is to bring friends together and have a good time. Everyone here appreciates the fine points of tabletop gaming, and it makes for a fun and relaxing end to a Wednesday by playing the games that we all enjoy together as one big happy family…

...that likes to blow each other up in Epic Spell Wars.