At the Office - Getting Fit!

By Christina Sims

While most people tend to huddle in their homes as fall approaches, the employees of Cryptozoic take the opportunity of the cool California weather to get their groove on and stay healthy. When I say "cool California weather", what I really mean is "the weather changed from a warm 80 degrees to a reasonable 70 degrees". Who am I kidding? We don't really have seasons.

In previous blogs, such as our designer's blog, we learned that our talented designers are probably the healthiest people out of Cryptozoic. They're quite the outdoorsy types. We can't let them have all the credit though! Soccer Fridays are still going strong, getting most of the members of R&D and OP out of their cubicles and into the parking lot for an hour of fun.

Not to be outdone, even more people are starting to get in on the fitness fun. Laura Waniuk, our senior marketing manager, has started an afternoon exercise program that involves lunges, sit-ups, push-ups and stretches guaranteed to get your heart racing. The idea is to do these little workouts two to three times a day to keep the blood moving and to get everyone just a little bit healthier. It's good for focus, and it's also a great way to stretch your legs after dutifully working for a few hours.

Everyone seems to have a little bit of something they love to do to stay fit: Drew Walker of R&D holds a black belt in karate, and even I hold a black belt in taekwondo.

Why are we making this push for fitness around the office? Because it's fun to do together! Having a buddy that you can work out with keep you motivated, and having that buddy be someone you work with and see on a daily basis makes doubly sure that you are keeping each other on the up-and-up. It builds teamwork, and keeps each of us in different departments communicating and having fun. It's just a small part of what Cryptozoic is all about!