PAX Prime 2012: Three Games, Three Big Plays

By Mike Rosenberg

When demoing games, you come across a number of great people. We love seeing what fans come up with, and sometimes they do things in the game that blow our minds.

The players who have tried our game demos have come up with some spectacularly creative plays. 

During this weekend, the volunteers and I have seen some pretty spectacular deck-building action, twists and turns, and hilarious scenarios. We'd like to tip our hat to our fans and highlight three awesome plays from three of our games: the DC Comics Deck-Building Game, Hot Rod Creeps, and The Big Bang Theory Party Game.

DC Comics Deck-Building Game

Volunteer Nathaniel Yamaguchi, who had been demoing the DC Comics Deck-Building Game all weekend, recalled one particular game where one player had some simply spectacular turns. The reason for these big turns? Green Arrow's Bow.

Green Arrow's Bow: Better at taking down Super-Villains than most cards in the game.

In this game, one player was using Batman as his Super Hero. Batman gives you an additional +1 Power when you play an Equipment card on your turn. The Batman player used Green Arrow's Bow to gain a total of +3 Power due to Batman's effect. Then, with the rest of the cards in his hand, he was able to take out the current Super-Villain (which was cheaper to defeat thanks to the bow), earning him a powerful card and a grip of points for the end of the game.

Then, on the next turn, he played Robin, which gave him some Power but more importantly, let him return an Equipment card from his discard pile to his hand. Green Arrow's Bow came back, and the next Super-Villain bit the dust after he played the rest of his hand.

Not a bad card to play when you've got a powerful piece of Equipment sitting in your discard pile. 

That player had to shuffle his discard pile into his deck at the end of the turn to draw his new hand. And what was waiting for him on his next turn? You guessed it. Green Arrow's Bow, plus a Super-Villain. And just like that, one player took down Super-Villains on back to back to back turns.

In case you were wondering, he won that game. By a pretty wide margin.

Hot Rod Creeps

In Hot Rod Creeps game designer Matt Hyra's mind, one game stood out among the rest. One player was running up to the Shark Tank jump in one of the demo games. However, when she flipped a card from her Tank, a 4 came up. That would have been fine...except that it also triggered her engine's effect, which caused the Hot Rod to move 2 spaces...this was also mandatory, and threw off all of her planning.

She would have ended up landing in the Shark Tank because of that. However, after a moment of thinking, she came up with a brilliant plan. Her weapon gave her the power to knock any Hot Rod back 2 spaces. "I'll choose my own!" she said. Game designer Matt Hyra was floored. Nobody had ever done that before, and the maneuver made sure that her Hot Rod was not swimming with the fishes that turn.

The Big Bang Theory Party Game

The following scenario flipped: The More the Merrier.

The following answer was given by one of the players: Basket of puppies.

That person scored the most points for that round. Because really. You can never have too many puppies.

There have been many great moments and even greater people that have stopped by to check out some of our latest games. But these three different scenarios, one from three of the games we have on display, stand out above the rest. 

Rosenfloggen's picture Mike Rosenberg

Mike Rosenberg has been a long-time trading card game fan and an active freelancer in the hobby game industry since 2004. He wrote, editted, and managed web content for Cryptozoic Entertainment from March 2012 until October 2013.