PAX Prime Starts Tomorrow!

By Mike Rosenberg

Cryptozoic Entertainment is on its way up to Seattle for PAX Prime 2012, which starts tomorrow and goes until Sunday. Mike Krahulik and Jerry Holkins of Penny Arcade began the gaming festival back in 2004 as a place to celebrating gamers and gaming. Since then, it has expanded into the massive convention that it is now, with two major shows each year. PAX Prime takes place in the same city it began: Seattle.

For people who will be in attendance, you can find Cryptozoic Entertainment on the sixth floor of the Skybridge between the two main exhibit halls (at #SKY2). Our tournament center is located on the third floor in room 310.


Penny Arcade Special

Considering that this is the Penny Arcade Expo, attendees will find coupons in their bags when they get their badge. One of those coupons will get you $5 off Food Fight when you purchase it on site. The other coupon is a Penny Arcade special. You can get $5 off Penny Arcade the Game: Gamers vs. Evil or the expansion Penny Arcade the Game: Rumble in R'lyeh. If you purchase both games, you'll get $15 off your purchase!

Be sure to bring your coupon by to pick up these exciting games if you haven't gotten them yet!


Class Starter Special

If you'd like to check out the World of Warcraft Trading Card Game, come on by! We'll be selling Class Starter Decks, the perfect tool for learning how to play the game, for only $5!


DC Comics The New 52 Trading Card Promo

Finally, if you make a purchase at our booth at PAX Prime, you'll receive a promotional DC Comics New 52 trading card featuring Cyborg from our upcoming release! Supplies are limited, so stop by early and leave happy!


The big event kicks off tomorrow. We hope to see you there!

Rosenfloggen's picture Mike Rosenberg

Mike Rosenberg has been a long-time trading card game fan and an active freelancer in the hobby game industry since 2004. He wrote, editted, and managed web content for Cryptozoic Entertainment from March 2012 until October 2013.