Penny Arcade Origins: Tycho

By Leonard Volk

Tycho Brahe, the Astronomer, was born in the winter of 1546. This was some time before web comics, so we aren't going to talk about him today. Instead, I want to talk about the man (well he's not a man, he's a character, and a great one at that) from Penny Arcade. In Penny Arcade the Game: Rumble in R'lyeh, we get several new cards related to Tycho, and we'll talk about where they come from today.

Being gamers at heart, both Tycho and Gabe like to try new and exciting games, sometimes without each other's consent. A clever ruse was dispatched by Tycho to change the icon on Gabe's Army Game into that of Neverwinter Nights. What happened next sounded beyond belief as Gabe had dispatched a crack team of Highly Trained Badgers, and Wizards too!

Badgers. Everywhere.

Gabe had an opportunity for revenge as he took control of the comic one week to exhibit Tycho in several fatal scenarios involving Nipple Crabs, bird flu, and even our old friend the Giant Snake!

Moving on...

Gamers need money too, and to pay for the cost of all their games, Tycho took up the seasonal position of Animal Santa. This left him as a changed man when Nutsy chewed off his testicles, and he hasn't been the same since.

Define "cuddles."

Their second option to further their income came in the form of a game they published called On the Rain-Slick Precipice of Darkness. The characters Tycho Erasmus Brahe and Johnathan Gabriel battle a gear-driven roboid and it's army of steel offspring.

That's Tycho Erasmus Brahe to you, fine sir.

Other games they have played have led to further minor disasters such as Head Crabs. These crabs are surprisingly good leapers, which may explain how that PAX POX got on your head. Their latest adventure into the tournaments of the Tiger Woods game revealed a vision of the future with malevolent cyborgs, sent back in time to prove machinae supremacy through the dialect of golf.

They can hit 500 yards? That's pretty impressive...

Life isn't all fun and games, as the Internet has never taught people. Some of the tribulations of parenthood can be found with Tranquil Tycho and his discovery of what his son sees on the computer. Or you may find comfort in dreams, where a Super Hot Ostrich can escort you around. At the end of the day it comes down to just being with family, even if Tycho's Grandma is blissfully ignorant of her relatives' strife, and she can whip up a feast for any occasion.

So sweet. So quaint. So...patient.

That's all for now. Until next time, keep gaming!