Penny Dreadful Trading Cards, Part 1

By George Nadeau

In Showtime's Penny Dreadful, Vanessa Ives is clairvoyant and an expert medium. Among her tools is a deck of tarot cards. For our trading cards set, the studio supplied her screen-used deck to be inserted as authentic prop cards. Fantastic, right?

But we wanted to do more with this concept.

While researching tarot decks for this product, we were struck by the number of beautiful and creative decks created by other artists. We decided to commission some of our favorites to create their own designs.

Today and in our next few blog entries we will showcase some of the hand-drawn, tarot-themed sketch cards that will be randomly inserted into boxes of Penny Dreadful Trading Cards Season 1.

We proudly present six of the original sketch cards by Soni Alcorn-Hender.



Soni shares her inspiration and deciphers the rich symbolism in her Facebook album here. Check it out and you'll gain an even greater appreciation of these 2.5" x 3.5" masterpieces. You can also follow her at these places:
"Evil in the Shining Light" show, Sep 2-26, Bank Street Gallery, Sheffield
Tolkien Society "Oxonmoot" show, September 10-13, Oxford University

Look for these cards and the remainder of Soni's Major Arcana set when the trading cards release in a couple months.

We'll preview sketch card samples by another artist and preview another component of this trading card set on Thursday, so please come back.

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