Penny Dreadful Trading Cards, Part 2

By George Nadeau

By a wide margin, the best days in the Product Development department start with deliveries. Style guides, unit photography, copy from show writers, sketch cards, wardrobe and props. It's always exciting to open the deliveries because we're never sure what's inside. When the three big boxes of Penny Dreadful wardrobe and props arrived from Ireland a few months ago, it was like the best Christmas ever. The studio provided us with so many pieces that we knew we couldn't possibly use them all in our trading cards set; we volunteered to return much of it for their archives. But don't worry. We reserved many significant pieces. Here's a sneak peek at a handful of the Wardrobe cards collectors will find in our Penny Dreadful Trading Cards Season 1 set:


Come back Tuesday for a sneak peek at some of the cool Prop cards.

And now here's a preview of another artist's hand-drawn sketch cards that will be inserted into our Penny Dreadful set. I've been a fan and a collector of Jeremy Treece since I first became aware of his artwork eight years ago, and I'm pleased to share this preview of his Major Arcana sketch cards:



Great work, right? Look for these and the rest of his tarot-themed sketch cards when our Penny Dreadful set releases in a couple months.

Part 3 of our advance look at Penny Dreadful Trading Cards Season 1 will be posted next Tuesday. See you then!

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