Penny Dreadful Trading Cards, Part 3

By George Nadeau

As I mentioned in the previous blog entry, the Penny Dreadful team has been very supportive of our trading card product. When we kicked off production, we communicated a few wish lists, one focused on screen-used props. The team generously provided more than we wished for, so much that we adjusted the layout of our set to include more of it.

Fans of the show may know that its title references the cheap (one penny), sensational literature that was popular in Victorian Britain. In episode six of the series, Professor Van Helsing mentors Dr. Victor Frankenstein about supernatural matters, at one point taking Victor to a bookstore to share a "Varney the Vampire" penny dreadful. The production team shared that prop with us, and now we will share it with you...on Authentic Memorabilia cards in our Penny Dreadful Trading Cards Season 1 set.


It is just one of more than a dozen Authentic Memorabilia cards that are part of this set. Insertion rate: 1:72 packs. Here are previews of four additional Authentic Memorabilia cards:


And now we continue to showcase some of the astonishing hand-drawn sketch cards that will be randomly inserted into this set. Today we feature six of the major arcana cards by artist Tirso Llaneta.



Learn more about our upcoming Penny Dreadful Trading Cards Season 1 set when we continue this blog series this Thursday.

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