Penny Dreadful Trading Cards, Part 6

By George Nadeau

Today, we're revealing an extra special, authentic wardrobe card. In the past, similar cards were designed as oversized redemption cards; a lucky collector would pull a redeemable coupon from a pack then endorse it and securely mail it to our fulfillment department, wait, worry a little, and then receive the special, oversized card a few weeks later.

However, we have received a lot of feedback—and anxious inquiries about redemption card status—so we are now striving to conform as many of our cards as possible to the standard trading card size, a size that will fit and ship inside our hobby boxes.  Simply, we want collectors to have the immediate enjoyment of their special cards.

Of course, there will be occasions when memorabilia cannot fit into a hobby box. We will continue to offer oversized items like The Walking Dead Daryl's arrow, an autographed Castle script, and original DC Comics comic art panels as redemptions.

Now, back to the special Penny Dreadful card. The set features abundant single wardrobe cards, but we've designed one special card that features the authentic wardrobe of five of the main cast members. This card is limited to 25, the rarest pull in the set. Good luck!

And now we are pleased to showcase sketch cards by a sixth artist who contributed to this set: Chris Meeks. Here are samples of his hand-drawn tarot cards:



We'll have a final sneak peek at our upcoming Penny Dreadful Trading Cards Season 1 set on Tuesday. See you then!

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