The Redemption Process

By Miranda Charsky

This was a very exciting week for us at the office! Fringe Trading Cards Seasons 1 & 2 launched on the 20th, and we received a very special package in the mail—the Rick sheriff patch redemption card from The Walking Dead Season 1 Trading Cards! This provides a great opportunity for fans to see the process to redemption cards!

First, Vanessa Jimenez receives the packages that are addressed to Customer Service, Quality Assurance, Crafting, and Redemptions! When we got this package in, she immediately brought it to the attention of me and our production manager. We were so excited to finally see it redeemed! 
Rachel Valverde, the production manager for trading cards, then pulls the actual patch card and begins preparing it for its trip to the lucky consumer! (We were simultaneously solving a few trading card issues, so Rachel was a bit distracted…oh, and keen observers will notice some Castle costumes in the background!)
Scott Gaeta, Chief Operating Officer, signs the letter that will accompany the card, congratulating the consumer on receiving such a unique piece of memorabilia from The Walking Dead television series!
Finally, the card, along with the letter of congratulations, is safely packaged and ready to go to its new home! 
Those of you still looking to pull a piece of Rick’s uniform, don’t worry! There are still seven pieces of the other sheriff’s patch out there, just waiting to be found!
Miranda's picture Miranda Charsky

Miranda Charsky is Cryptozoic Entertainment's brand manager for trading cards and collectibles. She strives to create quality collectibles for core hobby collectors and entertainment fans. Miranda's first job out of high school was working in a local hobby store, and she has been working in gaming and entertainment ever since.