Robert Kirkman Signs for a Herd of Fans

By Will Brinkman


Braaaaaaaaains. No, wait… autooooooooooographs……. swagggggggggg…. goes the San Diego Comic Con mass.

It’s the first day of Comic Con San Diego and we’re at the Cryptozoic Store on Market Street between 4th and 5th avenue. First up for the weekend, Robert Kirkman writer and creator of The Walking Dead comic book, the source material for the hit AMC television show of the same name.

Yeah, even Cory Jones, CCO and President of Cryptozoic Entertainment, got in the action! Hundreds of fans were lined up en masse for hours awaiting the arrival of their hero. And just as much as the fans are excited to meet him, every one of these events is a special chance for Kirkman to meet the fans who love his work. “I had a great time, it’s always fun to out and see the fans,” said Kirkman as he signed a copy of The Walking Dead on Blu-Ray.

It’s not just the show that has fans excited. Cryptozoic has released the board game based on the AMC show, as well as trading cards for both the television show and the Image comic book. The former sold out earlier this year, and the latter is available now at your local hobby trading card shop. “It’s great to see that the board game and cards are being so well received,” gushed Kirkman as he signed one of the promo cards from the trading card set.

This isn’t the first time Kirkman signed for Cryptozoic. Earlier last year, he signed cards to support the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund Liberty Trading Card Set, with all proceeds from that set going to support the CBLDF.

So, if you missed your chance to get his John Handcock, you can look for packs of CBLDF out there in the wild. And if you’re headed to Comic Con sometime this weekend, you can see the schedule of signers and events here.