Sarah Wayne Callies Autograph Card Confirmed!

By Miranda Charsky

Part of what I do on a daily basis is keep an eye on our community. To do this I look through various forum sites, Facebook page comments, and Twitter hash tags. I'm like The Observer (Fringe reference #1, only Fringe reference). I'm constantly on the outskirts of what's happening, just watching.

Reading the forums this last week had been a lot of fun, partly because we've had a lot of exciting announcements for The Walking Dead Season 2 Trading Cards recently. Out of concern for our fans' health we decided to hold back some cool information to give everyone a chance to calm down a bit. However, I couldn't pass up an opportunity to stir the hornets' nest when community member Brobocop posted about being excited about our current autograph line-up, and how it would be awesome if we added Sarah Wayne Callies, who portrays Lori Grimes on the hit AMC show, to the set.

So, with my never-before-used forum account, I posted a reply to Brobocop to hint that Sarah might be added to the set. As expected, this caused a bit of a commotion as community members responded with disbelief that this "Miranda" would be anyone actually from Cryptozoic, or that we would spoil any sort of information on the forums. These posts were a lot of fun to read, and well worth a bit of leaked information. Although, I guess it is hard to determine if the information is indeed "leaked" if no one believes it's true.

It is my pleasure to (officially) announce to the community the addition of Sarah Wayne Callies to the autograph line-up for The Walking Dead Trading Cards!

And, for our fans out there, keep your eyes open! You never know when chief operating officer Scott Gaeta or I might pop by with a reply or little unexpected information. We do, after all, read all the forums, blog posts (ones that come up on my Google alerts, anyhow), Pinterest boards (don't judge me), Tweets (well, Scott might, anyway), and Facebook posts (in between Bejeweled games) … keeping to the shadows … waiting for an opportunity to pounce!

Miranda's picture Miranda Charsky

Miranda Charsky is Cryptozoic Entertainment's brand manager for trading cards and collectibles. She strives to create quality collectibles for core hobby collectors and entertainment fans. Miranda's first job out of high school was working in a local hobby store, and she has been working in gaming and entertainment ever since.