Talking about Card Wars

By Kat Metzen

Card Wars Fans!

We would like to take this opportunity to talk about the For the Glory! Booster packs and the future of Card Wars. When Card Wars was first being conceived, our only releases planned were the two recent Collector’s Packs, and a NiceLands Collector's Pack later this year. We actually printed nearly 5 times the number of boxes as stores had pre-ordered. Obviously the response has exceeded even our wildest expectations. The digital version of the game has also proved extremely popular. We are going back to print as quickly as possible.

Our intent with For the Glory! is not to launch a traditional ongoing series of booster releases, but to be able to offer additional cards that supplement the existing Collector’s Packs. This is similar to what other popular boxed card games have been doing for a while now. These cards are supplemental only and not required to play with the Collector’s Packs we have released or plan to release in the future. We expect For The Glory! to have a much longer shelf life than what you would expect from a traditional CCG and adding this booster option fits in with the show’s original theme of Card Wars being a “CCG.”  We just aren’t treating it like one.

Regarding the randomness of booster packs…
There are 24 Rare cards in the 107 card For the Glory! set. The way the print sheets are arranged, you have a very good chance of receiving one of each Rare card when you purchase a sealed 24-pack booster box. You will likewise have a very good chance of receiving at least one of each UnCommon and at least two of each Common card.

Thank you for your patience during this whirlwind of activity and new plans. It is important to us to communicate the support planned for Card Wars fans, and the feedback from the community as always is valued and appreciated. Keep on striving to be the Cool Guy!