Top 10 Cryptozoic Games!

By Sara Miguel

The folks here at Cryptozoic are avid fans of gaming and the properties we work with. It is why we are so passionate about the games we produce! We went around a took a poll of of what everyones favorite Cryptozoic games were. Some might be obvious favorites, others might not. Sound off on social media with your favorite Crypto games and maybe get introduced to some new gaming buddies! Use the hashtag #cryptogames and see what everyone else is playing!

10. DC Deck-building Game Crisis Expansion Pack 1

The first Crisis Expansion Pack allowed us to take our favorite deck-building game that we know and love, and put an exciting twist on the mechanics. Increasing the difficulty of the Villains and creating a cooperative game play, Crisis Expansion Pack 1 definitely deserves to be on this list.

9. The Walking Dead: The Best Defense Board Game

This game took one of our favorite licenses to work with and made it into a cooperative game. You gotta work together to survive in this game.

8. The Walking Dead Board Game

Our first board game we produced as a company! That helps it earn a spot on our list but that's not the only reason it's on here though. A great combination of luck and skill, along with griefing your fellow players once you become a walker, it's like you are a part of the Walking Dead.

7. Lord of the Rings The Two Towers Deck-building Game

Who doesn't love Lord of the Rings? And we all love the Cerberus Deck-building engine, so it was a no brainer to include this epic journey in our list!

6. NHL Power Play Team-building Game

This was our first dive into combining gaming with sports, which was quite fun for us. The game play of hockey and the unique game play elements of the Cerberus Deck-building engine combined beautifully to make this game a reality.

5. Adventure Time Card Wars

We have all wanted to travel to the Land of Ooo at some point, and Card Wars lets you do just that! With many Collector's Packs to choose from, you can pick your favorite character and even create a custom deck. This totally rad game makes us all wish we could be hanging out with Jake and Finn.

4. Spyfall

Spyfall is a hit worldwide with gamers, and is just as popular with us here at the office. An easy-to-play party game that requires you to think on your feet and find who amoung you is the Spy! Meanwhile, the poor Spy is just trying to figure out where he ended up. This game can take up a few minutes of your game night, or hours!

3. Hot Rod Creeps

An oldy, but goody. Race to the finish line with your team on customizable tracks! The replayability, the art work, and the competitive nature of this game make it an office favorite years after its production.

2. Epic Spell Wars of the Battle Wizards: Duel at Mt. Skullzfyre

Another classic that has stood the test of time, so much so that it has a sequel! Epic Spell Wars is funny, a little crass, and is totally EPIC. The different combinations of spells never get old, and it's always fun to hear everyone's "Wizard Voice".

1. DC Comics Deck-building Game

The game that started it all for the Cerberus Engine. There are many that have followed in its footsteps, but we had to pay homage to this original. Classical Super-Heroes and Super-Villains make this game a must have for everyone in the office.

sara.miguel's picture Sara Miguel

Sara Miguel is Cryptozoic Entertainment's Marketing Coordinator since September 2014. She has long been a fan of pop culture and gaming and looks forward to integrating her passion with her job. In her off time, she enjoys going to theme parks, gaming and catching up on the latest TV shows.