Trading Card Announcements, Previews, and New Signers!

By Miranda Charsky

It has been a really exciting week for the trading cards and collectibles team: release dates, awesome art, new products, and new signers!

We had the production launch meeting for The Big Bang Theory Season 5 trading cards, and all looked to be in good shape. All Autograph cards are with the printer, and we can set the release date for 11/25/2013. We will have some boxes available for pre-order on our eStore, but quantities will be limited to 2 boxes per customer. Orders that don’t follow this rule will be canceled. There will be a couple waves that go up, so if you don't get your order in today, look for updates on our Facebook page to let you know when the next wave will be available. Please note, orders will not ship until just before the release date. To celebrate the finalized release date and the beginning of the pre-sale, I’ve posted all the Wardrobe cards for the set on the Cryptozoic Facebook page.   And, in case you haven’t seen it, here is the oversized redemption card for the set: a 4” x 6” card featuring swatches of paintball gear for Sheldon, Leonard, Howard, and Raj.



This week we also received our cases of Adventure Time Dog Tags from China. This has been a very challenging and rewarding process, and it was really nice to see the final product in-house. The tags will be available in Wal-Mart, Target, hobby stores and on our eStore as of 11/13/2013, and we are really excited to start our series of Adventure Time related products with these awesome collectibles.

Yeah. We were pretty excited about this.

We hope to launch a second wave of the dog tags for back-to-school next year, and would love to hear your feedback for the first set once you have a chance to take a look. Our CCO Cory Jones suggested we put mystery tags in the set. So, I am looking forward to keeping everyone guessing next year!

Many of you know that we are also working on a series of hobby trading cards for Adventure Time. Not a lot of details have been announced for this so far, but the cards will include Autographs (there are some really great guest stars we hope to get for the set), Totally Fabricated™ wardrobe cards, Sketch cards, and Fan Art cards (where you can create your own righteous sketch cards!). We have also been working with some really great artists and writers to create some all-new content. Katie Cook signed on to create a mini-story for the set: Jake goes looking for his lucky potato salad eatin’ spoon. We also have a really fun chase set featuring the characters all dressed up in steam punk. This is awesome! Here is a preview of some of the cards done for the 9-card chase set:

Art by Jeremy Treece

Art by Amy Houser

Are you kidding me?

Let’s just take an extra moment to admire those.

Well, those are just 2 of the 9 cards in the set, and I promise that the others are just as amazing.

One thing that I really like about working on Adventure Time is how adventurous Cartoon Network is with the look of the characters and art. We get to have a lot of fun with the artists exploring these characters in new art styles, and, in turn, I think the fans are going to be really excited to open the cards!


We also received some of the Downton Abbey Autograph cards in house, and this is the first chance fans have to take a look at the cards, and I think the design is really cool. You can check out the cards for Jim Carter, Laura Carmichael, Phyllis Logan, Siobhan Finneran, Sophie McShera, and Thomas Howes on the product page or the Downton Abbey Facebook album.

Jim Carter Autograph Card


Well, that alone would be a very exciting week, but we have more to share!

Our recent change in Autograph signer policy allows us to relay important information to collectors, dealers, and distributors much earlier. By announcing signers once we have a signed contract instead of signed cards, we are able to better communicate with important stakeholders like you, and ultimately provide better service in our efforts to always put “Fans First.”  To that end, I am really excited to let fans know that we just finalized a 3-set deal for two really important signers for Sons of Anarchy Trading Cards:

Katey Sagal who portrays Gemma Teller-Morrow

Ron Perlman who portrays Clay Morrow


I look forward to having a lot more announcements soon, which will include a really in-depth breakdown of the Sons of Anarchy signers for sets 1 – 3 (from whom we have received agreements), and then look forward to hearing your suggestions of the seasons 4 – 6 guest stars we should approach. If you want to get your hands on some of those sweet Adventure Time Dog Tags before anyone else, head on over to the Facebook page and share and like our post for this blog. I'll select 3 random winners who SHARE the blog, and 3 random winners who LIKE the blog. Don't forget to check back to our Facebook page, you never know when I'll post some great previews!



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Miranda Charsky is Cryptozoic Entertainment's brand manager for trading cards and collectibles. She strives to create quality collectibles for core hobby collectors and entertainment fans. Miranda's first job out of high school was working in a local hobby store, and she has been working in gaming and entertainment ever since.