The Walking Dead Comic Set 2 Case Check!

By Miranda Charsky

Yesterday was a fun day in the office as it was the case check for The Walking Dead Comic Book Set 2 Trading Cards! This set has been a lot of fun to work on, so it was really exciting to see it finally get to the stage of being ready for pack-out. As a little preview for fans, here is a quick look at the case check we completed. SPOILER - everything came out great!

Before we get to the point of pack-out, we will first review all the forms to make sure the color is just right, the copy is correct, the fronts and backs of the cards match up, and then samples of cut cards to make sure the edges look good. By the time we get to the case check, we have approved every aspect of the cards, and now we are reviewing final product against our product specification sheets to make sure we are getting all the content we intended to get out of a box and out of a case.

So, for this set we were looking for:

  • One complete base set per box

  • Six parallel base cards per box, one complete set per case

  • Two Quotable cards per box, two complete sets per case

  • Two Something to Fear cards per box, two complete sets per case

  • One sketch card in 24 packs

  • Autograph card in 576 packs

  • Plate card in 576 packs

The most time consuming aspect of the case check is sorting all the base cards so we can ensure we received a complete set in each box.

As we go through the packs we sort the base cards by numbers (1-9, 10-19, etc.), setting aside special inserts and marking which packs contained hits. Once all the base cards are sorted, we will look to make sure we got the correct number of hits per box. As long as that box checks out okay, we move on to the next box.

Once all of the boxes are reviewed we pool together the hits to make sure we are getting the correct case requirements. The Quotable chase set is of my favorites, as I just love the contrast between the black and white interior art and the red foil quote.

I really enjoyed sorting out the parallel set, I think this is one of the best foil parallel sets we’ve done so far. We decided that a 1:4 pack insert ratio for a 72-card set is cutting it a little close, so we communicated to the printer that we would like to increase the ratio to 1:3.8. While this might not seem like a lot, it will give us between 75 and 76 parallel cards per case, allowing for a little wiggle room in collation.

I opened up a Printing Plate card, and I was really excited to put that next to the base and parallel cards. I always like the Printing Plate cards, and it just seems really cool to see them next to the other cards with the same art, but done with different technology.

The sketch cards for this set are really cool looking, and I was excited to see the puzzle card that we opened. Inserted together as a hot box, about 75% of cases will have a puzzle set.

To celebrate the upcoming release of the cards (and a successful case check), we will be giving away the Cami Fortuna sketch card pictured above on Facebook. Be sure to check out the Cryptozoic Facebook page for information on how you can participate for your chance to win!

Miranda's picture Miranda Charsky

Miranda Charsky is Cryptozoic Entertainment's brand manager for trading cards and collectibles. She strives to create quality collectibles for core hobby collectors and entertainment fans. Miranda's first job out of high school was working in a local hobby store, and she has been working in gaming and entertainment ever since.