Watchmen Crossover Pack 4 Preview

By Sara Miguel

Watchmen Crossover Pack 4 Preview Article
By Matt Hyra

The release of the Watchmen Crossover Pack is nigh (December 23rd)! This 31 card & 6 oversized Super Hero pack is the perfect last-minute stocking stuffer for girls and boys of all ages. But what can you expect out of this overstuffed pack? First and foremost, there are a bunch of cards that won’t go into any deck. Explaining each of these will go a long way towards understanding what makes playing with this Watchmen pack unlike anything you’ve done in the DC Deck-building Game before.

1.    Hidden Roles
In the famous Watchmen story, one of the Heroes turns out to be the bad guy. We call them the Secret Mastermind. At the start of the game, you’ll receive a Loyalty card that will let you know if you’re a good guy or the lone bad guy. The bad guy’s goal is to run the main deck out of cards. No one gets to see your card, so there will be suspicion all around. Especially if you make greedy plays that don’t help the group.



2.    Villainous Machinations

There are four different Villainous Machinations cards, each one keyed towards one of the four main card types. One of these cards is randomly placed face up for all to see at the start of the game. It doesn’t belong to any one player. If the Secret Mastermind is able to play all the cards listed on the Villainous Machinations card in a single turn, they get to hatch their dastardly plot! Of course, Loyal players may want to buy up some cards to prevent the Secret Mastermind from acquiring them. That won’t look suspicious at all!



3.    Challenge Cards

Challenges are like Crisis cards. They are a group activity that everyone, even the Secret Mastermind, can help beat. They also have an Ongoing ability that will cause complications for the group. Beating a Challenge card requires card “Contributions” and then a final Power accumulation (like defeating a Super-Villain).

Each Challenge lists several cards, card types, and/or costs that need to be contributed to beat the card. You contribute a card by removing it from your hand during your turn and placing it face up next to the Challenge card. It must be a card from your hand, not one you have played. Once contributed, they are lost. When all of the correct contributions have been made, someone needs to put the nail in the coffin by defeating the card with Power.

Challenge cards have Levels on them: 1, 2, and 3. There are two cards at each Level, but you play with just one card of each Level each game. That means there are just three Challenges to overcome for the Loyal players to win! Well, unless the Secret Mastermind gets their Mastermind Plot into play.



4.    Mastermind Plot

These are a type of Challenge card that may or may not enter play. There are five different Mastermind Plot cards, and each player is dealt one at random at the start of the game. If you’re the Secret Mastermind, this is a Challenge card you will get to put into play when you complete the Villainous Machinations task. It will help you deplete the main deck in no time, if the Loyal players don’t overcome it.

They can overcome it by defeating it with Power. Each MP has a different Power cost to beat it, and they are not easy! The one below is the easiest at 21 Power. Might seem rough, except that your fellow Loyal players can each play one random card from their hand to add to your total. If a MP is defeated, the Secret Mastermind is not out of the game, but having their plan thwarted will hurt their chances of winning.

If you’re not the Secret Mastermind, you still receive a Mastermind Plot card, but it will never enter play. At least you know what you won’t have to face, should the SM succeed in their plan.



Additional Rules For Watchmen Play

1.    At the end of your turn, if you did not buy or gain a card from the Line-Up, add the top card of the main deck to the Line-Up (this can result in a Line-Up of more than five cards). Then, if there are fewer than five cards in the Line-Up, refill it to five as usual. Players can’t stall the game by not buying cards. The time to act is now!

2.    Once the Secret Mastermind has been revealed, Attack cards played by Loyal players do not affect any Loyal players (even if they want them to).

Of course, there are plenty of new cards for the main deck as well, to add in a little extra Watchmen flavor. Only going to spoil one of these, but it shows the theme of many of the cards. There are some cards you really don’t want the Secret Mastermind to acquire, and even a Loyal player might be better off discarding it (or contributing it!) instead of playing it.



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