Women of Legend Trading Card Details

By Miranda Charsky

The female characters of the DC Comics universe are heroic, fierce, forces of nature—they are Women of Legend. Whether they fight for the side of good or evil, they use their natural talents, wit, and super abilities to their advantage. While developing a plan for the DC Comics trading cards, we determined we wanted to alternate between sets that covered a broad range of characters, such as The New 52 Trading Cards, and sets that concentrated on a specific family of characters, such as the Superman: The Legend Trading Cards. The timing for the Superman: The Legend set was perfect with the movie release, which left the other set for 2013 open to a wide array of characters. As soon as we started mapping out the set content, I knew I wanted to dedicate a set to the female characters, and was really excited when everyone jumped on board. We started with some pretty lofty goals of having only women work on the set, lining up female writers and artists, but soon reality set in, and I realized we might have to let some men in the mix. Sigh.

But, we partnered with some really awesome women as the center for our chase sets. Gail Simone, known for penning the Birds of Prey for years, selected some of her favorite DC Comics female characters, writing about what makes them Women of Legend. This 9-card chase set, called Gail’s Picks, includes an introductory card featuring art for the Birds of Prey, and other characters including Lois Lane, Black Canary, Batwoman, Batgirl, Huntress and more!

Batgirl art by Hanie Mohd

Black Canary art by WAY$HAK










Batwoman art by Irma Ahmed

Katie Cook, one of my favorite artists and someone I have been very eager to add to our line-up, signed on to create an exclusive sticker set, adding her own artistic style to this fun chase set. The 9-card set includes characters like Harley Quinn, Mera, Wonder Woman, Catwoman, Poison Ivy and more!

One of my favorite additions to this set is the Totally Fabricated™ series of faux Wardrobe cards. It was a lot of fun to select characters with very iconic costumes with a variety of different materials. Which was the easy part. Then I had to find the actual material, but I am really happy with how everything turned out! The Totally Fabricated cards included in this set include a really shiny, patent leather swatch for Catwoman’s suit, red leather swatch for Wonder Woman’s top, crushed red velvet swatch for Supergirl’s cape, and purple silk lining swatch for Batgirl’s cape. 

But, picking the characters and materials for these pack-inserted cards was no where near as exciting as when we received and processed the item for our 25 Redemptions. A panel from Wonder Woman’s Invisible Plane!

Once the excitement wore off a bit, we had to figure out a way to dismantle the panel in preparation for cutting the swatches for the cards: this was no easy feat, let me assure you.

Once we had our sheet of Invisible Plane awesomeness, we had to try to cut it, which took a little guesswork, a lot of determination, and a little safety equipment. Not enough to warrant close-toed shoes, but enough to protect from Invisible Plane shards.

And, like magic (or some other imaginary process), there you have it! Pieces of Wonder Woman’s Invisible Plane, ready to be sent to the printer for assembly. 

Finally, we know fans are eager for their first look at some of the sketch cards that will be included in the set. The cards are awesome, and I am really excited to show them off. A big thank you to George Nadeau and all the amazing artists that help create these sets! Share the images below, and check back regularly for even more sneak peeks at what is to come!

Black Canary art by Tony Perna

Hawkgirl art by Vo

Star Sapphire art by Hanie Mohd

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