by Christina Sims / 28 Sep, 2012

Brand ambassador Christina Sims sits down and talks with director of operations Leisha Cummins, one of the busiest people at the office. 

by Mike Rosenberg / 27 Sep, 2012

The third season of The Walking Dead premieres on October 14th, and we cannot wait!

by Mike Rosenberg / 26 Sep, 2012

The Walking Dead webisodes are coming, along with an official magazine!

by Mike Rosenberg / 25 Sep, 2012

Issue #2 of The Lookouts is coming in mid October, as the boys practice their riddle-solving skills against the bridge troll. 

by Matt Hyra / 20 Sep, 2012

Game designer Matt Hyra explains the basics of the 3012 Deck-Building Game.

by Mike Rosenberg / 18 Sep, 2012

Curious on what MOD X is all about? Look no further!

by Christina Sims / 14 Sep, 2012

This week, brand ambassador Christina Sims talks to Cryptozoic's unsung heroes. 

by Leonard Volk / 12 Sep, 2012

Champion of the Black Flame Leonard Volk talks about Tycho's history in Penny Arcade.

by Mike Rosenberg / 11 Sep, 2012

Lookouts: The Tithe came from Penny Arcade's latest Kickstarter campaign, and we can't wait to see how the six-page special expands the world of Eyrewood Forest. 

by Miranda Charsky / 10 Sep, 2012

We are very excited to launch the DC Comics New 52 Trading Cards this fall, and can't wait for all the fans out there to collect their favorite New 52 characters!

by Christina Sims / 07 Sep, 2012

Eat, play, repeat every Wednesday. 

by Mike Rosenberg / 06 Sep, 2012

PAX Prime 2012 was an incredible show! Today, we reflect on a few things from one of our favorite events of the year. 

by Miranda Charsky / 04 Sep, 2012

The Walking Dead Season 2 Trading Cards is confirmed to have a Sarah Wayne Callies autograph card!

by Mike Rosenberg / 02 Sep, 2012

For some people from Cryptozoic Entertainment, this is their first time experiencing PAX Prime in all of its glory. Coverage reporter Mike Rosenberg shares his first-time experiences of the Seattle-based gaming convention. 

by Mike Rosenberg / 02 Sep, 2012

When demoing games, you come across a number of great people. We love seeing what fans come up with, and sometimes they do things in the game that blow our minds.

by Mike Rosenberg / 30 Aug, 2012

Cryptozoic is making its way to PAX Prime 2012, which begins tomorrow!

by Matt Hyra / 28 Aug, 2012

Game designer Matt Hyra talks a little bit about our upcoming game Hot Rod Creeps

by Miranda Charsky / 27 Aug, 2012

Autograph cards for The Walking Dead Season 2 Trading Cards have started coming in, and we've got one to show you that we are very excited to have as part of the set!

by Will Brinkman / 23 Aug, 2012

Haven't you stopped for a moment to ask yourself, "Why settle for an action figure when you can just own your own mecha?"

by Mike Rosenberg / 21 Aug, 2012

Gen Con has come and gone, and we're still getting settled back in Southern California! Today we highlight the coverage that took place and look at some of our favorite photos from the weekend. 


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