by Will Brinkman / 12 Jul, 2012

Ben McCool brings the story of Alexander Nevsky to a new generation

by Will Brinkman / 12 Jul, 2012

The Walking Dead creator signs autographs and meets with his fans at the Cryptozoic store here at San Diego Comic Con.

by Will Brinkman / 12 Jul, 2012

Fans are camping outside the Cryptozoic Store on Market Street to get a chance at their Comic-Con Holy Grail.

by Mike Rosenberg / 10 Jul, 2012

This weekend's big guest appearances and events at our store in San Diego, all highlighted in one easy-to-read blog entry!

by Christina Sims / 06 Jul, 2012

There's never a dull moment when it comes to working at Cryptozoic. We work hard, we play hard, and we game even harder.

by Miranda Charsky / 05 Jul, 2012

Curious on what the redemption cards in the DC Comics The New 52 Trading Cards will get you? Take a look, and bask in its epic comic glory!

by Will Brinkman / 03 Jul, 2012

It's Summer time! If you're looking for a break from the sun, then turn up the AC, load up your Internet browser, and check out some of the great television that you can stream online. William Brinkman has some great recommendations for your Summer channel-surfing!

by Mike Rosenberg / 28 Jun, 2012

Editor and Batman fanboy Mike Rosenberg takes a look back at the last developments of Gotham's citizens before the New 52 re-launch. 

by Michael Sacco / 26 Jun, 2012

Content writer Michael Sacco talks about the creative process behind the Fringe Seasons 1 & 2 Trading Cards. 

by Miranda Charsky / 21 Jun, 2012

We've been wanting to show you what the process is like when we receive redemption cards, and this week, we got a chance to do just that!

by Miranda Charsky / 19 Jun, 2012

Cryptozoic went to Pop Art Con earlier this month in Philadelphia. Trading Card Brand Manager Miranda Anderson highlights the b

by Leonard Volk / 07 Jun, 2012

Volunteer and gaming fan Leonard Volk offers a backstory on Charles, the Apple-obsessed rival of Gabe from the Penny Arcade comics. 

by Mike Rosenberg / 06 Jun, 2012

Origins Game Fair is over. Curious on what you missed? We've got photos of some of the stuff that took place during the weekend!

by Mike Rosenberg / 05 Jun, 2012

We have to wait until next year for the third season of Game of Thrones. While that makes us sad, we're happy that one our other favorite HBO shows premieres this Sunday. 

by Mike Rosenberg / 31 May, 2012

The zombie infection is coming to San Diego! Will you be prepared?

by Mike Rosenberg / 30 May, 2012

Stop by Cryptozoic Entertainment's booth at the Origins Game Fair in Columbus this weekend!

by Mike Rosenberg / 22 May, 2012

Are you an artist with a portfolio or work and a hunger for some exciting projects? Come to Pop Art Con, where Art Acquisitions Manager George Nadeau of Cryptozoic Entertainment will be looking for artists interested in working on sketch cards for our upcoming products!



by Mike Rosenberg / 08 May, 2012

Earlier this week, Sketch Card Fanatics interviewed Cryptozoic Entertainment COO Scott Gaeta. In the interview, Scott talks about sketch cards that are found in Cryptozoic's trading cards, what the process of getting a sketch card made is like, and more.

by Mike Rosenberg / 01 May, 2012

'Marvel's The Avengers' hits theaters this Friday, and we cannot wait!

by Mike Rosenberg / 26 Apr, 2012

What would it have been like if popular movies from the past 20 years were instead made in a different era?


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