by Krystyl Chwa / 23 Aug, 2017

Please enjoy the second installment of our DC Bombshells Trading Cards Sketch Card previews, hand-drawn by our talented artists. Links to contact the artists can be found below the images of their Sketch Cards.

Sketch Cards
by Krystyl Chwa / 21 Aug, 2017

What are sketch cards, you ask? Sketch cards are original artwork, hand-drawn by artists onto a standard-size trading card (2.5” x 3.5”), which are then randomly inserted into various trading card sets. Cryptozoic was fortunate enough to work with a handful of incredibly talented artists for our DC Bombshells Trading Cards, and in the coming weeks, we will be previewing a small selection of the sketch cards included in the set.

by George Nadeau / 11 Aug, 2017

We are huge fans of Outlander at Cryptozoic and have been just as excited about the release of our Outlander Trading Cards Season 2 as many of you.

Outlander Trading Cards Season 2
by Krystyl Chwa / 04 Aug, 2017

Fans can expect a number of unique inscriptions from the autograph signers on our star-studded roster. Today, we're excited to showcase some of them!

by George Nadeau / 25 Jul, 2017

A limited number of Orphan Black Trading Cards Season 2 and Season 3 Premium Packs are still available. Don't miss your chance to claim these packs, made exclusively for San Diego Comic-Con 2017! 

by Krystyl Chwa / 17 Jul, 2017

Cryptozoic is thrilled to return to San Diego Comic-Con! Check out our schedule of events for the upcoming weekend, including our booth activities, events, giveaways, game demos, and artist signings!

by Krystyl Chwa / 12 Jul, 2017

The Outlander fan community is buzzing with excitement as the hit Starz drama series has officially announced its return to San Diego Comic-Con next weekend! The star-studded panel is planned for Friday, July 21 at 5:00 p.m. in Ballroom 20. 

by George Nadeau / 27 Jun, 2017

Don’t miss your chance to own the Orphan Black Trading Cards Season 2 and Season 3 Premium Packs, made exclusively for San Diego Comic-Con 2017! Can’t make it to Comic-Con during the frenzied opening hours? This pre-order makes it possible for you to get these Premium Packs before they sell out!

by Sean_McDonald / 13 Jun, 2017

Welcome to the second (and final) entry in my series about the creation of Train Heist! If you missed Part 1, click here to check it out. Now, let’s continue the story right where we left of!


DC's The Joker Calling Card Statue – “Bloody Noir” Edition (Comic-Con Exclusive)
by KYLEWLODYGA / 30 May, 2017

Cryptozoic’s latest San Diego Comic-Con Exclusive is here! Don’t miss your chance to own DC’s The Joker Calling Card Statue – “Bloody Noir” Edition, made for San Diego Comic-Con 2017! Can’t make it to Comic-Con during the frenzied opening hours?

by DekanWheeler / 25 May, 2017

I’ve also had to chance to play a lot of WG Labs’ recently released Master of Orion: Conquer the Stars on my laptop as well. In fact, I have it open in the other window right now. Because I’ve been playing both the tabletop and PC iterations so much, I really have to give kudos to Hobby World and designers Igor Sklyuev and Ekaterina Gorin for capturing the essence of a 4X empire-building game like Master of Orion: Conquer the Stars (and all of its classic predecessors) in a board game. Not only did they stay faithful to all the key aspects of a 4X game, but they streamlined them into an hour-long experience.

by Randall / 23 May, 2017

Celebrate the upcoming Wonder Woman Day with our Giveaway! Enter for your chance to win some amazing Wonder Woman prizes including original art and limited edition vinyl figures! See all of the prizes here... 

by George Nadeau / 18 May, 2017

In recent years, we have introduced new products to our trading cards like Totally Fabricated and Cryptomium cards. This year, we have introduced STR PWR cards.

by George Nadeau / 17 May, 2017

We're happy to announce that this set will be released next week, on May 24th. Here's a quick look at a few of the set's components.

DC Comics Lil Bombshells Series 1.5
by KYLEWLODYGA / 11 May, 2017

Last time, we showed you five of the powerful women who are part of DC Comics Lil’ Bombshells Series 1.5, which refreshes the Series 1 figures with variant paint designs. Today, we’re going to take a closer look at the fresh looks of the five other characters you can find in the Series 1.5 collectible tins:

DC Comics Lil Bombshells Series 1.5
by KYLEWLODYGA / 10 May, 2017

Our DC Comics Lil Bombshells Series 1 figures sold out so fast and received such positive feedback that we wanted to provide a special follow-up for the growing number of fans out there. So, we created Series 1.5 of  these lovable little  DC Comics characters, refreshing the Series 1 figures with eye- poppingly  cool variant paint designs. Coming in blind-reveal tins, Series 1.5 is available nationwide right now! Given the excitement out there, we’d like to give you a closer look at all 10 of the powerful female characters in the set. Let’s start with five of them today:

by Sean_McDonald / 08 May, 2017

I love racing games, both in video game and board game form. When designed with a good catch-up mechanic, there’s an extra thrill when you can compare yourself directly to the other players in terms of placement—knowing it could still be anyone’s game—and see how close you truly are to the end of the game. I get a rush from it. Some non-racing board and video games can make it hard to figure out the player in the lead until the points are tallied up at the end, whereas racing games present it front and center. 

by DekanWheeler / 28 Apr, 2017

A few weeks ago was Peachstate Hobby’s Speed Gaming event in Dallas, Texas. The game I had on my table at this particular event was Antoine Bauza and Ludovic Maublanc’s Attack on Titan: The Last Stand, which we are publishing alongside Don't Panic Games this summer. You might have first heard about this game back in 2015 when we first started demoing it at our Gen Con booth. Well, now it's 2017 and we’ve gone through a ton of testing, refinement, and polish. After playing it over 100 times at the Speed Gaming event, I have a feeling this game will be huge!

by KYLEWLODYGA / 25 Apr, 2017

Don’t miss your chance to own the Metallic Red 25th Anniversary DC Lil Bombshells Harley Quinn figure made for San Diego Comic-Con 2017! Can’t make it to Comic-Con during the frenzied opening hours? This pre-order makes it possible for you to get this red hot limited version of Harley before it sells out!

by DekanWheeler / 23 Apr, 2017

So, now you’re saying, “All right, I’m sold. I’ve got the whole collection of Series 1 Mighty Meeples lined up on my desk. But what do I do with all of these extra Superman figures I’ve collected?” Well, have you ever considered using these collectible game pieces as, well, game pieces? A fun trend in board gaming right now is bringing your own pieces to a game night in order to customize your play. Instead of playing as boring old blue, you can now play as Batman.


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