Ghostbusters Dog Tags

Key Features

Release Date: Q2, 2016

Your favorite paranormal experts are now collectible! Ghostbusters Dog Tags are comprised of 24 different Dog Tags that fans can collect, each depicting some of the film's memorable moments and characters. Each pack also comes with a graphic checklist to make collecting and trapping, no, tracking all of your Dog Tags even easier!

Product Details

Packs: 1 Dog Tag and 1 Checklist per pack

MSRP: $2.99 per pack

Dog Tags:

Ghostbusters Crossing the streams
Egon Spengler Terror Dog
Ray Stantz Ghostbusters
Ghostbusters Logo
Library Ghost Mr. Stay Puft
Winston Zeddemore Slimer
Louis Tully Ecto-1
Ghostbusters Ghostbusters
Janine Melnitz VENKMAN
Dana Barrett SPENGLER
Ghostbusters ZEDDEMORE